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What is Educaislam?

Educaislam is a training center dedicated to the teaching and learning of Islam in its different dimensions (cultural, political, economic, religious, etc.)

How did the idea of ​​creating Educaislam come about?

The growing demand on the part of today’s society on issues related to Islam and Muslims has made it necessary to create a dynamic and plural learning space.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at a wide audience: Muslims and non-Muslims, graduates and university students, as well as company and administration personnel.

What teachings does Educaislam offer?

Educaislam works mainly on the following lines of training: Islamic thought, halal, gender and interculturality.

What courses can be studied?

Throughout the year different courses are offered, among which the following stand out: Islamic Feminism, Halal Production Technicians, Islamic Religion and Culture, Leadership.

 Who forms Educaislam?

Most of them are leaders, activists and intellectuals committed to teaching. Members of Educaislam can be those people who wish to work on improving the knowledge of Islam guaranteeing freedom of belief.

Why does Educaislam focus on issues related to Islam and Muslims?

Debido a la creciente demanda por parte de la sociedad actual. Hay un gran desconocimiento sobre estas temáticas debido al vacío formativo en el ámbito académico y ocupacional y a la desinformación vehiculada por los medios de comunicación.

¿Se exige algún nivel de estudios para inscribirse en los diferentes cursos?

No necesariamente, dependerá de a quién se dirijan. En los cursos ocupacionales o para las administraciones no se exigirá ningún nivel de estudios. En cambio, en los cursos universitarios, los estudiantes deberán poseer una diplomatura, licenciatura o diploma similar, según el caso.

¿Una persona con un nivel muy bajo en el manejo del ordenador puede inscribirse en los cursos online?

Yes, in each course there is an introductory module on the management of the platform. Likewise, anyone can follow the courses without problems thanks to the different indications made through email.

Is distance education effective?

A personalized follow-up is carried out, doubts are resolved individually, the dedication is total on the part of the teaching staff and the debate dynamics themselves make this methodology effective.